The Essence of the Firm

"Growth - with - Value"

KALMAR's "Growth-with-Value" investment style is a classic fundamental approach that integrates the best elements of creative small growth company investing, with strong value-seeking discipline, in a consciously longer term context. This purposeful integration of positive but often separately found ingredients differentiates Kalmar's investment approach and, together with our team management and intense, hands-on original research, has, historically, led to high returns for our clients.

The "Kalmar" Name and its Organizational Connotation

Photographer:  Larry St. Pierre
Photographer: Larry St. Pierre
During the thirty-five years since we founded the firm, clients and consultants alike have often asked about the origin and meaning of the name "Kalmar". Literally, Kalmar is the name of an ancient fortified city in Sweden. More pertinently, though, our use of the name comes from the "Kalmar Nyckel": the ship that in 1638 established the first permanent European colony in the Delaware Valley at what later became Wilmington, Delaware. She was a sturdy, state of the art, armed sailing vessel that made more successful journeys to the New World than any of the better known colonial ships, outlasted several notable captains, and earned very substantial returns for her investors.

To the present day "crew" of Kalmar Investments, and to our long standing clients, the ship's history connotes independence of mind, creativity, commitment, and success through teamwork, as well as continuity and organizational strength.

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