Professional Personnel

Ford B. Draper, Jr.
President and
Chief Investment Officer

"Kalmar is dedicated to achieving strong, consistent performance through intensely researched, longer term small company ownership."


The foundation of Kalmar's success centers on the experience of our ten-person "Growth-with-Value" investment management team, supported by trading and client services teams, which focus exclusively on small, smid and mid-sized company investing. The firm is led by President and Chief Investment Officer, Ford B. Draper, Jr.

Research / Portfolio Management

Ford B. Draper, Jr., CIO
Dana F. Walker, CFA
James E. Gowen, CFA
Steffen J. Torres
Gregory S. Travers, CFA
Jeannine D. Laughman, CFA
Leonard S. Sanders
Gregory X. Falcon, CFA
Stephen J. Bowen
Edward J. Zane
Ford B. Draper, III
Monica E. Butler
Avery L. Draper

Client Services
Marjorie L. McMenamin
Nancy M. Romito
Jeffrey O. Stroble, CFA
Fausta L. O'Kane
Administration and Compliance
Kimberly R. Portmann
Sharon L. Kriznuski
Cynthia A. Richards
Josephine A. Diviney

A preponderant portion of the investments are in small cap stocks.  Investments in small cap stocks involve greater risks than investments in larger, more established companies, are more volatile, and may suffer significant losses.  Further, the market for small cap stocks is generally less liquid than the markets for larger stocks, which can contribute to increased price volatility of small cap stocks. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results.

  Team Kalmar

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