Investment Philosophy

Kalmar believes that there is a high reward/low risk anomaly offered by the equity market in stocks of solid, well managed, rapidly growing smaller companies whose special attributes and future growth dynamics for varieties of reasons are not fully appreciated by many growth investors. Because these companies can be relatively “invisible” institutionally, they can also be inefficiently valued. With creative in-house work, such successful companies can be discovered and bought at undervalued levels, and then owned for the longer term to benefit from both their vigorous business value growth and their potential revaluation upward as broader investor discovery takes place. Because the universe of small to mid-size companies is very large by number, it requires diligent proprietary research and thorough business analysis to isolate superior growth companies and additional selectivity to neck down to those whose stocks are under-valued. It also requires specialized portfolio management and trading skills to invest in them successfully. Kalmar has a proven record of accomplishment and high value-added returns capitalizing on this high reward/low risk opportunity. We call our investment style:



A preponderant portion of the investments are in small, smid and mid cap stocks.  Investments in small, smid and mid cap stocks involve greater risks than investments in larger, more established companies, are more volatile, and may suffer significant losses.  Further, the market for small, smid and mid cap stocks are generally less liquid than the markets for larger stocks, which can contribute to increased price volatility of small, smid and mid cap stocks. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results.

  Investment Strategy


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