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Investment Objective and Strategy

Kalmar's small company investment approach is available to investors of all sizes through the Kalmar "Growth-with-Value" Small Cap Fund. The Fund invests in companies which the adviser believes have the potential for significant business growth and capital appreciation, yet whose stocks, at the time of purchase, are trading at undervalued prices in the public trading markets. The adviser believes that its investment philosphy of purchasing promising, growing companies that may also be undervalued can result in both lower risk and higher return when compared to many other small company investment strategies.

Risk Considerations

The Fund primarily invests in growth stocks with the potential for significant growth and may be more volatile because they are more sensitive to market conditions. The Fund may seek to buy these stocks at undervalued prices and this involves the risk that the securities may remain undervalued for an extended period of time and may not realize its full potential. Investments in small cap securities may involve greater risks due to higher volatility and less liquidity than larger more established companies.


Three Distinguishing Characteristics

1. Manager Continuity   2. Style Box Consistency   3. Desired Results: Higher Reward, Lower Risk  

Style Box Consistency

Along with continuity, consistency is an important factor in selecting funds. At Kalmar, investment style consistency is a natural result of our research-oriented investment philosophy and institutional heritage of more than 30 years. Kalmar stays true to its mission of seeking quality growth companies with the potential to provide above average returns with lower risk than the asset class.

The Kalmar SMall Cap Fund is categorized as: Small Growth


The Morningstar Style Box™ reveals a fund’s investment strategy. The vertical axis shows the market capitalization of the stocks owned and the horizontal axis shows investment style (value, blend or growth).

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